Glass industry and ceramics

We are a supplier of chemical raw materials for the glass industry and ceramic plants. Our raw materials form an elementary part of the glass and ceramics production process.

We supply chemical raw materials not only to traditionally large glass manufacturers, but also to small companies that produce their products on a custom-made basis.

Our chemical raw materials come only from long-established sources. We maintain the proven quality of the supplied chemical raw materials and ensure their logistics and storage.

We provide consignment warehouses, provide technical advice and make active use of all our knowledge regarding ADR and REACH regulations.

Barium nitrate

Cas number: 10022-31-8

Lead nitrate

Cas number: 10099-74-8



Cas number: 1345-05-7

Antimony oxide

Cas number: 1309-64-4

Erbium oxide

Cas number: 12061-16-4

Gadolinium oxide

Cas number: 12064-62-9

Cadmium oxide

Cas number: 1306-19-0

Lanthanum oxide

Cas number: 1312-81-8

Neodymium oxide

Cas number: 1313-97-9

Lead oxide (minium, sulphide)

Yrbia oxide

Cas number: 1314-36-9

Zinc oxide

Cas number: 1314-13-2

Iron oxide

Cas number: 1309-37-1


Cas number: 7704-34-9

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