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We have been a distributor of chemical raw materials, speciality chemicals, rubbers, and plastics since 1994.

We are one of the major suppliers of chemical products for a wide range of industries, especially dyeing, glass and pyrotechnic industries, as well as rubber, pharmaceutical and automotive industries.

We distribute raw materials from respected manufacturers from long trusted sources. We are a key supplier of raw materials from ALBERMARLE, KUMHO Polychem, KUMHO Petrochemicals and ZM Silesia SA - Huta Oława Branch.

We provide tailor-made supplies of chemical raw materials for our clients. We individually address all customer requirements. We arrange consignment warehouses and handle logistics. We also give technical advice and make active use of all our knowledge of ADR and REACH regulations.

We have our own warehouse area of 25,000m2, located in Bohumín. This logistics warehouse is equipped, among other things, with a railway track for the transport of containers from European ports. We handle logistics processes according to ADR principles and cooperate only with proven carriers.

GENETRIX s.r.o. is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

We are GMP+ certified (standard for the safety of feed used for animal nutrition and entering the food chain through animal production).

We follow REACH, ADR, IATA, and RID rules.

Our company's goal is to be a long-term partner for all our customers, therefore we only supply high quality and proven chemical raw materials.

GENETRIX - dodavatel chemických surovin

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